Dedicated to preserving the spirit and history of the US Navy's largest class of destroyer escorts

KCFPA Mission Statement

Our purpose and goals
The Knox Class Frigate Preservation Association (KCFPA) is dedicated to preserving the spirit and history of the US Navy's largest class of destroyer escorts.
As part of this mission, KCFPA maintains this web site as a centralized communications tool, gathering photographs, crew lists and written histories of individual ships of the KNOX class through the contributions of its volunteer members. KCFPA intends to become the global historical authority on the KNOX class as a whole.
To help ensure the preservation of KNOX history, and to educate the public on the lasting contributions to Naval activities throughout the globe by the KNOX class and crews, KCFPA is actively engaged in efforts to secure a retired KNOX-class ship from a foreign partner for use as a maritime museum at a home port in the United States. This museum ship would be the only example of the class remaining in the western hemisphere and only the second such museum established in the world.
Comprised of 46 proud and capable ships, the KNOX class served the US Navy for over 20 years, crewed by over 72,000 of our country's finest sailors. Many of these ships continue to serve foreign navies more than 20 years later, and it is KCFPA's goal to honor this outstanding history by welcoming the participation and input of our overseas partners in our efforts.
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