Dedicated to preserving the spirit and history of the US Navy's largest class of destroyer escorts

KCFPA Photo of the Day History

The last 30 POTD selections
USS Knox (FF-1052)11-21-2016
USS Moinester (FF-1097)10-05-2016
USS Valdez (FF-1096)10-04-2016
USS Truett (FF-1095)09-30-2016
USS Pharris (FF-1094)09-28-2016
USS Capodanno (FF-1093)09-27-2016
USS Thomas C. Hart (FF-1092)09-26-2016
USS Miller (FF-1091)09-23-2016
USS Ainsworth (FF-1090)09-22-2016
USS Jesse L. Brown (FF-1089)09-20-2016
USS Barbey (FF-1088)09-19-2016
USS Brewton (FF-1086)09-15-2016
USS Donald B. Beary (FF-1085)09-14-2016
USS McCandless (FF-1084)09-13-2016
USS Cook (FF-1083)09-09-2016
USS Elmer Montgomery (FF-1082)09-08-2016
USS Aylwin (FF-1081)09-07-2016
USS Paul (FF-1080)09-06-2016
USS Bowen (FF-1079)09-02-2016
USS Joseph Hewes (FF-1078)08-31-2016
USS Ouellet (FF-1077)08-30-2016
USS Fanning (FF-1076)08-29-2016
USS Trippe (FF-1075)08-26-2016
USS Harold E. Holt (FF-1074)08-25-2016
USS Robert E. Peary (FF-1073)08-24-2016
USS Blakely (FF-1072)08-23-2016
USS Badger (FF-1071)08-22-2016
USS Downes (FF-1070)08-19-2016
USS Bagley (FF-1069)08-18-2016
USS Vreeland (FF-1068)08-17-2016
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